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What Do Our Delegates Think About Our Previous Conferences?

“Informative and inspiring.” Energy Advisor, Rolls-Royce

“A great gathering of attendees and a wealth of knowledge shared by the speakers.” Philips

“Very informative and enjoyable with knowledgeable speakers.” Energy Manager, QVC

“Content was good, relevant and interesting.” Energy & Sustainability Manager, NHS Property Services Ltd

“Very interesting and well run.” Scottish Parliament

“The conference was a collection of fantastic presentations and eloquent speakers. The content was overwhelmingly business focussed, with best-benefit projections at all stages.” Sustainability Manager, First Capital Connect

“Interesting, insightful, motivational and reassuring that businesses UK & worldwide are facing the same exciting often daunting challenges associated to our energy efficiencies, cost savings and carbon emissions.” Building Infrastructures Maintenance & Project Management, QVC

“A good overview and selection of speakers.” Energy Solutions Manager, Northern Rail

“Useful and focused case studies of real-world scenarios and achievements.” East Sussex County Council

“Amazing calibre of speakers with interesting stories.” Business Development Manager, Certification Europe

“Really interesting event – definitely one to attend in the future.” Marketing Manager, Utilisoft

“The event was extremely well organised and attended. The sessions were very good with a healthy mix of information and interaction.” E.ON Climate & Renewables

“Really informative presentations that gave me food for thought. Really enjoyed the conference!” British Red Cross

“The quality of the presentations, presenters and content was high.” Siemens

“Great day – learnt so much and am inspired to put this knowledge into action.” West London Mental Health Trust